Gulf States Creosoting Company
"I have found G nails all over the old CP&L system. In fact it is the most common pole date nail in the area. There was a very large Gulf States pole creosoting plant in Wilmington NC from 1927 to the early 1950's. I checked with some of the old timers from the American Wood Preservers Association and none could positively remember any dates nails from this plant. I have found dates 28 to 37 continuously. I checked the AWPA manuals from the 40's 50's and 60's and looked up every conceivable candidate (ones with a word in the company name beginning with a G"). None were in business for this whole period except Gulf States. Given this time correlation and the proximity to their market, it is doubtful that there could have been another manufacturer or creosote plant large enough to supply the quantity of product in this area that was not also a member of AWPA. I think you are perfectly safe to say the "G" nails are Gulf States' date nails." -Chris Sandifer-
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