Gulf Nails
Oil Lease nails
Three Oil Companies used Date Nails on their Oil Leases. Gulf Oil, Humble Oil and Refinery (Exxon) and Yount Lee Oil Company
Gulf Nails are great fun to hunt.There are 3 varieties of Gulf Oil Nails. The Round Gulf is the most common. Then there is the Round Gulf with the P/L (Pipe Line) hand stamp on it. The rarest one is the Diamond Gulf. I believe it can be dated to around 1923 due to the number of IC1923 Nails found with them.
This nail is found on old Humble Oil & Refinery oil leases. Humble Oil & Refinery is now known as "Exxon". The H O & R nail is a Hubbard dating to 1934.
This nail is an Aluminum raised Hubbard Nail used by the Yount Lee Oil Company. For more info click here. (C. Sebesta Collection)
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