Hawaiian Nails "MAUI"
Maui Electric Company, LTD was founded
in 1921. In 1968 it was bought out by Hawaiian Electric and operates as a subsidiary of "MECO".
The top set of nails are aluminum and the nails to the right are copper. According to a retired Lineman, these are Dates.
The nails to the left are Copper, and
appear to be hand stamped with "ME.CO."
a very small "19" on the left of the nail
with "NO." and a 2 digit number in the center.
The Nails to the right are copper. One is a Hubbard, and one is a flat Pole Nail. The Hubbard has Raised Letters on it and a hand stamped date where as the flat one has an indented "M" with a hand stamped 29 on it.
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