Hubbard Nails

The Following Pictures are just a sample of the hundreds of known Hubbard Nails. Hubbards come in Aluminum, Copper, Steel and Cast Bronze. Hubbards have a very large head with a raised rim around it, and a thick shank. Some Hubbards are totally factory made with raised letters, while some have information that has been stamped into the head, and some are a combination of both.                                                                                                                              
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Copper Hubbards Aluminum Hubbards
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Copper Sets Aluminum Sets
Knoxville Utility Board CPCO
  City Utilities of Springfield, Mo.
Unique Hubbards Detroit Edison Co.
Cincinnati Nails Duquesne Lighting Company
Steel Hubbards H L & P Co
  Penna Electric
  Oklahoma Gas & Electric
  Springfield Gas & Electric
  Tampa Electric Company
  Union Electric Power Company
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