Modern Date Nails
These are some samples of Date Nails being manufactured today. They are steel nails with 2 1/2 inch Shanks. The Heads are about the same size as modern PG&E nails and all these have raised numbers. These nails go into utility poles. 0 thru 9 are pole class nails. 25 thru 95 are pole height nails, in increments of 5.The 03,04,05 represent dates and the Diamond nail is an inspection nail put in to indicate the pole has been inspected and meets all specs and is used by PG&E.
These next three nails below are aluminum and represent dates from a different company.
The following 4 nails are also aluminum and from yet another company. The 02 and 03 are dates, the "B" and the "GPS" are unknown.
The following set of letter nails are used in new structures being built. The letters identify the Diameter and the Length of the nail. This system eliminates uncertainty in nail verification. This unique identification system is manufactured by the Air Nail Company. The heads of the nails are much smaller than depicted in the picture. The actual size is that of a Southern Pacific 8 penny nail. Some of the nails have a second nail with letter followed by a 2, these indicate a High Strength Nail. To view the Indentification chart for these nails click here.
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