Odds and Ends
Frost Lumber used one nail, the Fli37. The head is enlarged to show detail, it is actually smaller than a dime. I have found these in East Texas.
American Forest Products 1927. Found in Washington D.C. and West Virginia
Possibly: Goodland Service (Kansas). Copper indent factory stamped 28 w/handstruck date.
Century Wood Preserving also used only one nail aka "The Keystone 31". Found in Washington D.C. and New Jersey, John Lacovino reported a find in Massachusetts. This is one of the most unique nails with its design.
The headquarters were based in Pittsburgh.
This nail was used by an Unknown Company. It is uncertain whether the P&C in the middle of the nail is the Initials
for the company that used it, or just the initials of Pressure Creosoted
Greenfield Electric Light & Power Company of Massachusetts.
Taylor-Colquitt Company. This set is found in New Jersey, Pennsylvania,Connecticut,Tennesse and Virginia. The Round TC is found with a RR 1929, and the Square TC is found with a RR 1927 or 1928 Nail.
The Company that used these nails is believed to be Republic Creosoting Co. The Copper nail is unusual in that it appears to be hand made in a machine shop.
Atlantic Creosote Works. One Steel, One Copper...but the same year 1936.
New England Creosoting Company. Found in Southern Maine, and probably in the states southwest of Maine.
Cascade Creosoting Co.? That is the best guess for this set. The bottom three are examples of the hand stamped nails. The bottom numbers are the date, the right numbers are the height and the left numbers are the depth of pole in the ground or diameter of the pole.
Georgia pole nails, possibly they are Gulfport Creosoting Co. nails. They built a plant in Gulfport, MS in 1906.
Midwest Wood Treating in Iowa
These are from an Unknown Treatment Company and are dated from 1928 thru 1936 and a 1940. No dates between the 36 and 40 have been found. These nails are found in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
Possibly Piedmont Wood Preserving. These nails are found in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut. The different letters probably indicate different types of treatments.
This set of 3 nails was used by Indiana General Service.
Wood Preserving Corp. This company later became the "Koppers Company"
Joyce Watkins These Copper Indent Nails are found on "Central Illinois Public Service Company" utility Poles. The nails represent the Joyce-Watkins Lumber Company.(C. Sebesta Collection)
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