Below are some examples of Tags/Plates that were put onto Utility Poles. They can be for Identification, numerical series or to date Inspections. This is a very small example of the numerous tags used. I have adjusted the sizes to enhance the details so I added the dimensions of the tags in the description. If you would like a Tag in your collection displayed on this page with a notation that it is from your collection please e-mail me.
2.75 x .75 Inches (Cleveland, Mississippi)
4 x 1 Inches Baxco Creo Cedar
4.25 x .75 Inches (Cleveland, Mississippi)
4.5 x 2.25 Inches (Central Texas Electric Co-op?)
El Paso Electric Company, Texas         City of Houston, Texas
                        Giddings, Texas                         Giddings, Texas
                Giddings, Texas                 J.H. Baxter (Weed, California)
Conroe Creosoting Company, Texas Bush and Gudgell Company of Salt Lake City, Utah
Dierks, Fence Post Tag        Midwest Pressure Treating This tag has a stamp on the back showing it is from the Meyer & Wenthe Company of Chicago. The company was formed in 1854, bought out in the 1980s by Everson Ross Co. This company also made policeman badges, streetcar tokens and other collectible items. (Galveston Electric Company, Texas)
                        Ownership Plates w/Date Nail                         Ownership Plates w/Date Nail
                        Ownership Plates w/Date Nail 1.25 x 1.50 Inches (Pennsylvania)
  2.75 Inches in Diameter (Gulf States Utility Company, South Texas)         Lampasas Public Utilities, Texas
2 inches in Diameter (Houston Power & Light)                     2.75 Inches in Diameter (Entergy, South Texas)
2.5 X .75 Inches (Salem, IL)
                                Koppers Butt Tags                 Trees of Houston 1971
Harris County, Texas
4.5 x 1.5 Inches (New Orleans Public Service, Louisiana)
Mississippi Power & Light Mississippi Power & Light
                Public Service Company of New Hampshire                         Kisatchie Treating; Louisiana
3.75 X .75 Inches (Boyle, Mississippi)
4.5 x 1.75 Inches (Glenrose, Texas)
5.25 X 1,75 Inches (Glenrose, Texas)
        Texas Power & Light Company         Texas Power & Light Company
United States Coast Guard Copper Tag (Light Gauge Copper)
United States Coast Guard Copper Tag (Heavy Gauge Copper)
United States Coast Guard Aluminum Tag
                        Utah Power & Light Aluminum Tag                         Utah Power & Light Aluminum Tag
                        Utah Light and Traction Aluminum Tag                         Utah Power & Light Aluminum Tag
             U.S. Government Copper Tag At the top of this tag is markings for the AmericanRailwaySupplyCompany. This company was founded in New York in 1891 and lasted well into the 1920s. They also made Badge Caps and Baggage Checks (West Texas Utility Company)
                                        Unknown                                         Unknown
West Texas Utility Company (1929 30 ft.)
West Texas Utility Company (1929 35 ft.)
West Texas Utility Company (1930 35 ft.
West Texas Utility Company (35 ft.)
Yount Lee Oil (South Texas)                                 Western Union Telegraph
3.75 X 1.5 Inches (Kerens, Texas)
Texas Nail and Wire Commpany of Galveston, Texas (This Company made common nails from 1927 to the early 70's)
After an Inspection Company Inspects a pole, they use a tag to mark the year of the inspection. Below are some examples of Inspection Tags
1.5 Inches in Diameter (Glenrose, Texas) (TNP Services?) These are probably Inspection Tags
                P.T. Inspection Tag                                 P.T. Inspection Tag
                Osomose Inspection Tag                 Woodfume, found with Osomose Tag
Osmose Large Tag
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