Western Union
Western Union Nails start in 1926 and go through 1947, then jumps to 1951. From 1926 to 1934 the Nails are Copper, and the Steel Nails go from 1935 up through 1951. There is a 1948 type (05) steel RR nail that some collectors say belongs to this set, but is still questionable.

What makes up a complete set of Western Union Nails? The following list was researched and compiled by Rolland Meyers.
1926 (64) RI Copper Diamond Point
1926 (07) RI Copper Diamond Point Large Date
1927 (07) RI Copper Chisel Point
1928 (07) RI Copper Chisel Point Small Date
1928:b (07) RI Copper Chisel Point Large Date
1929 (07) RI Copper Chisel Point
1929:b (07) RI Copper Chisel Point #1
1929 (64) RI Copper Diamond Point
1930 (07) RI Copper Chisel Point
1930(63) RI Copper Chisel Point
1931 (63) RI Copper Chisel Point
1931:b (63) RI Copper Chisel Point #2
1932 (63) RI Copper Chisel Point
1933 (63) RI Copper Chisel Point
1934 (07) RI Copper Chisel Point
1935 (07) RI Steel Chisel Point
1936(07) RI Steel Chisel Point
1937 (06) RI Steel Chisel Point#3
1938 (07) RI Steel Chisel Point
1939(06) RI Steel Chisel Point
1939(07) RI Steel Diamond Point
1940(07) RI Steel Chisel Point
1941(07) RI Steel Chisel Point
1942(07) RI Steel Chisel Point
1943(07) RI Steel Chisel Point
1944(06) RI Steel Diamond Point
1945(05) RR Steel Diamond Point
1946(06) RI Steel Diamond Point
1947(06) RI Steel Chisel Point
1951(06) RI Steel Diamond Point #4
#1 1929:b (07): This is an overstrike of a 1927 nail to make it a 1929. This has been reported by several collectors and it seems identical. There have also been one or two reports of a 1928 (07) overstrike of the same 1927 Nail?
#2 1931:b (07):This nail has been reported by Bill Bunch, Dave Parmalee and a few others. The numeral three is noticeably different and curves inward at the ends.
#3 1937 (06):The shank width of this nail may be both 1/5 and 3/16. There have been reports of both. Perhaps all are the same width and have not been adequately measured? But there are reports that the type (6) 1937 and 1939 are different shank widths and have different size heads.
#4 1951 (06).This nail has been reported by several collectors. It is probably a valid western union nail. Among those reporting it are Charles Sebesta, Scott Weed, Dave Parmalee and it was noted in A list published in Nailer News several years ago. The question is regarding the point. Some have reported a diamond point while others have reported a chisel point.
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