Long Bell
Long Bell Nails are among my favorites. They are found in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Long-Bell actually started out as the "Weed Lumber Company" founded by Abner Weed in 1897. Around 1902 Abner Weed created a corporation with R.A. Long of Long Bell Lumber Company, and in 1905 Long-Bell Company bought out Abner Weed's share of the Weed Lumber Company. In 1926 the name was changed to Long-Bell Lumber Company and one year later the first Date Nail was put it..the Long-Bell 1927.

The first four in the set are copper, the 1929 and 1931 being Hubbards. The 1932 to 1942 are steel and have much smaller heads. I am not aware of a 1930, but if one exists, would like to get a picure of it (and I would love getting one for my collection)

Long Bell Copper Nails
Long Bell Steel Nails
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